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LinuxDC++ 1.0.2

Дата публикации: 06.07.2008 - 07:39
ph34r.gif LinuxDC++ 1.0.0

После трёх лет разработки LinuxDc++ наконец-то добрался до версии 1.0. Данный релиз, также замечателен тем, что раньше команда разработчиков отказывалась от распространения программы, мотивируя тем, что проект ещё не готов для массового использования. Теперь файлы архивов доступны для скачивания. LinuxDC++ это один из лучших клиентов для работы в сетях Direct Connect. Проект основан на исходных кодах DC++, оригинального клиента для платформы MS Windows.

Downloads (~281 Kb)_ftp://ftp.berlios.de...-1.0.0.tar.bz2
ph34r.gif LinuxDC++ 1.0.1

*** 1.0.1 2007-12-25 ***
[2007-10-13] Use strtoll instead of atoll to enable build on HPUX (thanks Tobias Nygren).
[2007-10-13] Dispatcher optimizations (thanks jikaheim).
[2007-10-13] Bug #12058: Hubs are not removed from search list after reconnection.
[2007-10-13] Moved preference notebook tabs position to the left.
[2007-10-13] Changed reference to "Windows" in preferences to "Tabs."
[2007-10-13] Added an option to specify the main window notebook tabs position.
[2007-10-13] Added an option to specify the main toolbar style.
[2007-10-13] Bug #11126: don't follow symlinks (thanks gasol).
[2007-10-13] Improved display of kick messages (thanks naga).
[2007-10-13] Default for virtual name entry (thanks Razzloss).
[2007-10-13] First attempt at adding Mac OS X support (thanks Jammnrose).
[2007-10-28] Fixed wrong default value of main window notebook tabs.
[2007-10-28] Fixed build error "*** Error writing options to file: build/sconf/scache.conf".
[2007-10-28] Added hub url to "Connecting to" text when loading a hub.
[2007-10-28] Patch #2216: add hub topic to tab name (thanks stoft).
[2007-10-28] Bug #12151: Get file list won't show directory right (thanks David Grundberg)
[2007-10-28] Bug #12152: Superfluous / in $HOME causes file browsing problems.
[2007-10-28] Added user commands (thanks Bart Vullings).
[2007-11-07] Fixed search results from sometimes never appearing in the GUI.
[2007-11-20] Added magnet links support (thanks Max Lapan).
[2007-11-20] Feature Request #3840: Define WM_WINDOW_ROLE for main window.
[2007-11-25] Added user commands to search menu (thanks Bart Vullings).
[2007-11-30] Fixes to allow compilation on OpenBSD (thanks Jeremy Evans).
[2007-12-02] Open finished files w/ the default application (thanks David Grundberg).
[2007-12-03] Fixes to allow compilation on Mac OS X (thanks Per G�ransson).
[2007-12-04] Display hub name(s) on private message tab.
[2007-12-07] Added the ability to open URLs in chat with the default application.
[2007-12-07] Make the program appear on the screen more smoothly.
[2007-12-07] Fixed chat text from sometimes not appearing by validating all utf-8.
[2007-12-12] Added nick popup menu in chat.
[2007-12-12] Fix bind address on UDP socket (thanks Jeremy Evans).
[2007-12-16] Improved updating of cursor when hovering over links (thanks Stanislav Maslovski).
[2007-12-23] Improved tray icon text.
[2007-12-23] Fixed website link in about menu.
[2007-12-25] Show WAN IPs in drop-down box (thanks Jussi Peltola).

Downloads (~292 Kb)_ftp://ftp.berlios.de...-1.0.1.tar.bz2
ph34r.gif LinuxDC++ 1.0.2

[2007-12-30] Bug #12815: Hide main toolbar option doesn't work after restart.
[2008-01-05] GCC 4.3 compile fix.
[2008-01-17] Added a copy nick menu item to main chat.
[2008-01-26] Added an "Open containing folder" option to finished transfers.
[2008-02-05] Only one instance per profile (thanks Bart Vullings).
[2008-02-05] Nick completion now finds nicks in the form [xyz]nick (thanks Razzloss).
[2008-02-05] Clear speed & time after up/downloads finish (thanks Bart Vullings).
[2008-02-06] Bug #12401: Main toolbar system default (thanks Bart Vullings).
[2008-02-07] Added the ability to view user command sub-menus (thanks Bart Vullings).
[2008-02-07] Updated copyright to 2008.
[2008-02-08] Bug #13060: Auto-away on minimize not working (thanks Bart Vullings).
[2008-02-12] Focus text entry boxes when switching tabs (thanks Mikael Eman).
[2008-02-13] Use CC env. variable when compiling C files (thanks Razzloss).
[2008-02-13] Filter files already in share (thanks Razzloss).
[2008-02-28] Fixed finished transfers totals not showing when opened.
[2008-02-28] Standardized menu entries to 'Browse file list'.
[2008-02-28] Fixed a memory leak when clearing search results (thanks Razzloss).
[2008-03-02] Fixed user list and transfer view increasing in size when maximizing.
[2008-05-04] Added user commands to share browser and transfer view (thanks Bart Vullings).
[2008-05-04] Removed BookEntry from WulforManager (thanks David Grundberg).
[2008-05-04] Improved the tab close button.
[2008-05-04] Fixed auto-open of Finished Uploads tab.
[2008-05-04] Bug #013330: Confirm exit application dialog not working.
[2008-05-04] Fix small memory leak when retrieving local IPs (thanks Razzloss).
[2008-05-04] Add ability to open URIs on Mac OSX (thanks David Grundberg).
[2008-05-10] Fixed hub reconnect regression.
[2008-05-10] Keep dialogs above the application (thanks Razzloss).
[2008-05-10] User list performance improvements (thanks Razzloss & olsner).
[2008-05-10] Scroll chat to bottom after window resize (thanks Bart Vullings).
[2008-05-10] Fixed user command dialog not saving its state after an error (thanks Bart Vullings).
[2008-05-11] Fixed a memory leak when filtering duplicate search results (thanks Razzloss).
[2008-05-19] Replaced the 'Windows' menu with an improved 'Tabs' menu.
[2008-05-26] Removed extra newlines in hub/private chats (thanks David Grundberg).
[2008-05-26] Fixed search hotkey collision.
[2008-05-26] Close tab on middle button release instead of press (thanks David Grundberg).
[2008-05-27] Bug #12100: Away message says 'DC++'.
[2008-05-27] Bug #12994: Long chat string doesn't wordwrap.
[2008-05-27] Added timestamps to hub and mainwindow status bars.
[2008-06-08] Urgency hint notification on PM or hub message containing nick (thanks David Grundberg).
[2008-06-08] Bold on content change setting for PM and hub now enables/disables urgency hint.
[2008-06-08] Minimum version of GTK+ required is now 2.8.
[2008-06-08] Fixed sorting by speed in Finished Transfers.
[2008-06-14] Bug #13338: Context menu for absent users.
[2008-06-16] Fixed tab label from truncating utf-8 text improperly.
[2008-06-29] Fixed a possible remote crash on partial file list requests.
[2008-06-29] Fixed a crash on empty private message.
[2008-07-02] Added an OpenSSL exception to the license.

Downloads (~294 Kb)_http://download2.berl...-1.0.2.tar.bz2

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