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Резервное копирование и синхронизация, auto syncs backs

Дата публикации: 02.12.2021 - 20:20
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Цитата | Quote(tsunayoshi @ 27.04.2020 - 11:50)
Doesnt work, you use the crack and it will just ask license later after a day or two.
Maybe we need to block the hosts? (i tried this too and didnt work)

I have my own crack method and its not working past 3 releases, would you like to check that one out? its unique.

You just should to block all access to the Internet for any GoodSync processes, because it trying to quickly update your installation to the lastest version (it's v10.14.6.6 at now). You may sure it by open the menu Help -> About... (but you've installed the v10.11.6.7, right?)

You could use either the NetLimiter 4 for blocking Internet access for GoodSync, or the Windows Firewall of course.

2 варианта портабл

To block goodsync from updating or connecting server

# Block goodsync from checking updates and license goodsync.com www.goodsync.com

Note: this will also block their website.

Now to the issue.
The versions we are posting here are "desktop editions"
Meaning they wont work on windows server or windows workstations at all, they just wont install.

We should instead always focus to post goodsync workstation or server edition.

Here is goodsync windows server edition v10 (idk exactly which one, i dont want to mess my local goodsync install)

But cracks on these just dont work for long, this is the stable one (crack works on this, at least the one i have works (its not posted on the internet)
GoodSync Enterprise + crack (patched)

GoodSync 11.4.8 Enterprise + crack (patched)

* License Limitations for WD: Fixed Free version did not allow jobs with more than 100 files.
* Licensing: improved reporting of License statusm esp for Analyze+Sync and Unattended jobs.
* SyncTree: Show SyncTree even if we have No Changes, as there may be Excluded files.
* Downloads: Fixed mac distribution link was sometimes showing 'Not Found'.

GoodSync Enterprise 11.5 + crack (patch)

Цитата | Quote(PRYANIK @ 12.12.2020 - 20:18)
GoodSync Enterprise 11.5 + crack (patch)


Whoa! Im gonna test this right away.

What does the patch do?
because you need to login to the mediator account

Activation section says
Activation failed
Activation goodsync account server: no unused active licenses were found in account for platform gs-v11

and about info says

Ver, Built: Dec 11 2020 13:59:55
Elevated process
License: GS-V11 Trial, Expires 2021-01-12 21:43:58
User= hidden
Email=hidden Comp=inferno Aff=
DaysInstalled=0 DaysInAccount=0
C:/Program Files/Siber Systems/GoodSync/GoodSync.exe
Windows 10; 10.0.19042-2 64-bit t=1 cd=
gstp=1:l=1:p=33333 web-ui=1:l=1:p=11000 users=
Цитата | Quote(tsunayoshi @ 12.12.2020 - 19:21)
License: GS-V11 Trial, Expires 2021-01-12 21:43:58

Patch - No expire Trial
Цитата | Quote(PRYANIK @ 12.12.2020 - 23:16)
Цитата | Quote(tsunayoshi @ 12.12.2020 - 19:21)
License: GS-V11 Trial, Expires 2021-01-12 21:43:58

Patch - No expire Trial

Although the about says
"License: GS-V11 Trial,
Expires 2021-01-12 21:43:58
DaysInstalled=0 DaysInAccount=0"

I'll watch it and see how it goes.

Tested and the setup is workstation, so it wont work on windows server editions.
Maybe just always aim for the windows server edition (which works for all versions of windows)
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