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Revu eXtreme 20.2.60


просмотр, создания, редактирования и разметки PDF Revu

Дата публикации: 13.10.2021 - 13:36
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Bluebeam Revu eXtreme

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Bluebeam PDF Revu - идеальное решение для просмотра, создания, редактирования и разметки PDF документов. Bluebeam также добавляет кнопки в панель инструментов MS Office для удобного редактирования и создания PDF. В целом, Bluebeam довольно не плохая альтернатива Adobe Acrobat.

Особенности Bluebeam Revu eXtreme
• Создание PDF из любого Windows или CAD приложения
• PDF разметка, редактирование и просмотр
• Преобразование в 9 других форматов, включая TIFF, JPEG, Bitmap, GIF, PNG, PSD, EMF, WMF и PCL
• Добавляет Bluebeam кнопки на панель инструментов AutoCAD LT
• Настройка безопасности PDF и цифровых подписей
• Добавлене водяных знаков, PDF закладки и тд

Bluebeam Revu - More than 1 million design and construction professionals worldwide trust Revu® to elevate project efficiency and collaboration.

Revu makes your drawings, plans and documents work smarter
Revu delivers award-winning PDF creation, editing, markup and collaboration technology for your design and construction workflows. You’ll boost productivity by leveraging markup data across the entire project lifecycle, and streamline processes to get more done in less time.

Convert an unlimited number of Microsoft® Office documents and CAD drawings into high-quality 2D or 3D PDFs, or transform scanned images into text-searchable documents.
Mark Up
Customizable, easy-to-use markup tools simplify communication across teams, and the powerful Markups List in Revu tracks annotations and generates reports.
Connect and collaborate with project partners worldwide in real time, or any time, with Studio Projects and Studio Sessions.
Make large drawing sets more manageable by creating smart documents that can be shared easily with project partners—in the office or in the field.

Document management and real-time collaboration are built right into Revu. Studio Projects give you a single centralized location to store documents—even entire building projects - in the cloud. And Studio Sessions let project teams review, mark up, modify and update the same files at the same time. So partners worldwide can instantly connect on the same set of documents.

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20.2.50 - x32
Bluebeam PDF Revu eXtreme v9.5.0

Bluebeam PDF Revu eXtreme v10.0.0

Revu eXtreme 2018.1 18.1 + crack (patch)

Цитата | Quote( Revu 2018 )
is designed to be aware of what you’re doing, presenting the tools you’re most likely to need based on your input. Like the new dynamic Properties Toolbar, which keeps the most commonly used features and commands right at your fingertips.

Made for today’s design and construction projects
Tighter budgets. Shorter timelines. Designing, engineering, bidding and building are more challenging than ever. So Bluebeam® Revu® has evolved, to keep you a step ahead. Revu 2018 fits seamlessly into your existing workflows, helping you access and share critical project information more efficiently—and complete your projects faster.

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Revu eXtreme 2018.2 18.2 + crack (patch)

Цитата | Quote( Revu 2018.2 )
Studio Projects
    Updated color scheme (dark/light mode) based on theme in Preferences.
    Added the ability to sort files in Thumbnails View.
    Added thumbnail file preview in Thumbnails View.
    Added a prompt to open files in Split View.
    Added functionality to always open Project tabs in the same window if using Split View.

Studio Sessions
    Improvements to Studio stability issues intermittently causing unexpected disconnections and issues leaving a Studio Session with pending markups.

Preview Handler
    Updated UI and improved performance of preview handler.

    Added functionality to reset all page labels to match the current page numbers.
    Addressed an issue where feature usage tracking may have become unintentionally enabled while upgrading to 2018.1. Silent deployment configurations of 2018.2 will default to the disabled state unless the user specifically opts in. Please note all data is attributed to anonymized users, is never shared, and is used to help identify usage frequency for a given feature.

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Revu eXtreme 2018 + crack (patched)

Цитата | Quote( Revu eXtreme 2018.3.4 )
Fixed an issue where Revu may not launch because it incorrectly determined that a user did not have permissions to temp folders.

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Revu eXtreme 2018.4 + crack (license patched)

Цитата | Quote( What's New in Bluebeam Revu 2018.4.0: )
Addressed an issue where clicking a hyperlink on a markup between PDFs would cause Revu to freeze.
Addressed an issue where editing text caused the content to disappear.
Addressed an issue where using the Typewriter tool would cause the document to disappear.
Addressed an issue in Sessions where transactions on certain markups were not ending, causing markups to go missing.
Addressed an issue in Projects, where Batch Slip Sheet was not functioning properly on multi-page documents.

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Revu eXtreme 2018.5 + crack (license patched)

Цитата | Quote( new Revu )
Revu 2018.5 addresses several issues, including important rendering fixes related to the display of documents when the application is left in an idle state.

    Addressed an issue where documents that remained open for an extended amount of time caused the document content to go blank or disappear and intermittently caused Revu to freeze.
    Addressed an issue where panning and zooming before the rendering completed in a document containing large images caused Revu to crash.
    Addressed an issue where some documents had content accuracy issues when using the Skia rendering engine.
    Addressed an issue where deleting multiple thumbnails in a document with broken hyperlinks would cause Revu to crash with an error.
    Addressed an issue where using the Save As function with the thumbnails panel open would sometimes cause Revu to freeze.
    Addressed an issue where updating the status of a lot of markups caused Studio Sessions to freeze.
    Addressed an issue in Studio Sessions where the Critical Operation dialog never completed and Revu needed to be restarted.

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Revu eXtreme 2019 + crack (key patched)

- Set Scale improvements
- Measurement properties enhancements
- Viewports updates
- Additional Enhancements
- Stability improvements
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Bluebeam Revu eXtreme 2019.0.20 + crack (patch)

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