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Windows Firewall Control 6.5


расширяет управление брандмауэром Windows Firewall

Дата публикации: 20.05.2021 - 21:32
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Windows Firewall Control Repack elchupakabra

Особенности перепаковки:
1. Не требует регистрации (патч pawel97)
2. Опционная установка русификатора
3. Подхватывает внешний файл настроек settings.reg (если находится рядом с инсталлятором)
Системные требования: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
Windows Firewall Control

What's new in version (01.08.2018)
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Windows Firewall Control Portable

Windows Firewall Control 5.4.1 + crack (keygen)

Цитата | Quote( Windows Firewall Control 5.4 1 )
- Fixed: After some Windows updates, the Connections Log may remain empty and the
notifications might not be displayed anymore. The auditing settings will now be
reapplied on each WFC startup to ensure the functionality.
- Fixed: Search term is removed in Connections Log when the Refresh list is done.

hack в комплекте
Windows Firewall Control 6.1

Цитата | Quote(Windows Firewall Control)
- New: Added keyboard shortcuts for the Notification Dialog. For more information 
please refer to the 'Keyboard shortcuts' section from the user manual .
- New: Added 'Select All' context menu item for all text boxes.
- Fixed: Due to the latest SSL improvements on the hosting server, the check for a
new version does not work anymore.
- Fixed: During install/update, after the UAC prompt, for 1-2 seconds is displayed 
the previous page instead of the progress page.
- Fixed: The uninstaller does not work if the WFC service can not be initialized.
- Fixed: In some rare cases, the uninstaller may hang during the uninstallation.
- Fixed: Sorting by Time Generated column in Connections Log does not work.

Windows Firewall Control 6.2

Цитата | Quote(Windows Firewall Control)
- Improved: Remote addresses content is now expanding to fill the available space in Properties dialog so that more content can be displayed.
Fixed: Properties dialog is not displayed anymore if two or more Windows services have the same Display Name.
Fixed: The service name for svchost.exe notifications is detected only for the Windows services that are already running when WFC service starts. If a Windows service is started after, the notification will not detect the Windows service that triggered the notification.
Fixed: Unhandled exception is logged if certain files are missing from the installation folder.
Fixed: When editing a rule details in the Notification dialog, the rule name can be set as one or several empty spaces.
Fixed: Properties dialog can't apply changes to a rule if the path of the rule is not accessible or not found. This limitation was removed. Also the tooltip was updated since a rule with red text does not always mean the file is not found, it can also mean the file is not accessible (file located in a folder of another user account, encrypted location, etc).
Fixed: In Notification dialog the text (Yes, No, Not valid) under Signed property is not localized.
Removed: The x button from text boxes that is clearing their content.

Windows Firewall Control 6.5

- New: The notification dialog displays now the count of blocked attempts for each
program that is notified.
- Improved: The keyboard shortcuts to switch between notifications were changed in
notification dialog to Ctrl+Left and Ctrl+Right.
- Fixed: Privilege escalation vulnerability was fixed in WFC service.
- Fixed: Some group names are not displayed correctly in Rules Panel.

Pages: 1, 2

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