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Ekahau Site Survey Pro 11.1.2


Программа измерения и моделирования wifi network plan

Дата публикации: 28.11.2022 - 15:49
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I can't seem to find the patch to the cracked license. Please help.
Thank you very much
Hello guys,

Is there anyone have airmagnet survey pro 10.3.1?
airmagnet wifi analyzer?
Ibwave 7?

Please share it

Thanks to all
Here the patch for version 11.0.0/11.0.1 (NOT working on 11.0.2)
По просьбе обновил ссылки в теме на 9.0.2 и 9.2.6

Ждём взлом к 11.0.2, в данный момент тихо smile.gif.
Ekahau AI Pro 11.0.1 + crack (patch)


Ilich Ramires
Друзья, а кто какие неоригинальные стики использует для исследования? можно ли использовать сразу пару?

Заранее спасибо!
Ekahau AI Pro 11.0.2 + crack (patch)

We brought back the adjustable sidebars for Access Point List and Inspect-workspace grid. Either Open/Close the sidebars with new arrows or bravely grab the divider and freely adjust the sidebar width! The choice...is yours.
We heard you loud and clear that you wanted again more statistics for your designs. Now you can once again access the statistics popup in the Design workspace with a button on the right edge of the map toolbar.
Added keyboard shortcuts for switching between workspaces. Now you can switch between the workspace with numbers 1-4.
Also, we added shortcuts for tools as well. You can switch between the tools with CTRL/CMD+1 --> CTRL/CMD+9 combinations. Works both in Design-workspace and Survey-workspace.
Lastly, we ended our shortcut adding spree by adding shortcuts for tool sub-selections as well! You can cycle the sub-selections by repeatedly pressing the tool's shortcut. For example, pressing CTRL/CMD+4 multiple times will cycle through Wall, Attenuation Area and Hole-in-Floor tools.
Wide channels are now indicated with different colors on the Access Point and Radios List, so you can quickly see with a glance how wide you're going with your channels and if anything is amiss.
"View as Mobile Device" option is now turned off by default for new projects. This means visualization is shown as "Measured" by default without additional offsets to simulate a typical mobile device.
Transparency on drop-down menus was toned down for better readability.
Channel Planner now prefers PSC for wide channels on 6Ghz frequency. All the cool kids use the PSC nowadays, don't ya know?
Ability to exit Additional Radio Info view in Inspect-workspace and Visualization Options everywhere with ESC.
User guide button in Ekahau AI Pro will now take you to the new Ekahau AI Pro user guide.


macOS version listed above is fucked(
11.0.1 executable included is NOT doing its job!

Proper macOS executable for 11.0.2 is here:

New vesion 11.1.0
Ekahau AI Pro 11.1.0 + crack (patch)

New features:
AI Pro now officially supports the new Ekahau Sidekick 2 hardware with 6 GHz capability
The Sidekick 2 allows you to perform super fast Wi-Fi site surveys in dual-band Wi-Fi networks and even the tri-band site surveys are faster than traditional dual-band site surveys
Inclusion of 6 GHz measurement data brings along a new project schema version 1.7
If you are saving an older project with AI Pro 11.1.0, there is a warning dialog that indicates that you are about to save your file with the newest format and this format is not supported by older versions of Pro, AI Pro or Survey applications
This also means that Ekahau Survey application will be updated to support the new project schema
PLEASE NOTE! Users who would like to keep on using an older version of the Ekahau Survey and AI Pro, please reach out to our Customer Support www.ekahau.com/support
The Live workspace now has a brand new Density Graph representation with an even more accurate and visually pleasing spectrum view
This is especially notable if you have your Sidekick 2 connected and scanning on all three bands 2.4, 5 and 6 GHz. Remember to try out different color schemes for the spectrum to get the best contrast and reveal details of your Wi-Fi spectrum
There is a completely new Sidekick configuration dialog, which enables you to easily target only particular bands or particular channels
You can use the on/off toggle separately for each band or open up a channel selector to define individual channels for these bands. There is always an option to use the Default setting which will scan all available Wi-Fi channels in your regulatory domain. Note you can also change this setting in the Preferences
Adding AP notes is now made easier
You can add AP notes by right-clicking them on the map and selecting to Edit Notes. This will directly open the note editing dialog
We now also support adding multiple images at the same time to your notes and remember the path to the last added image
Channel planner now has a new option to take in to account the channels of APs of networks outside planning to even further optimize your channel plans
For your template reporting needs, a new data tag "technology-phy" was added to be used inside a ssid or network loop. While the "technology" tag reports a network standard by the Wi-Fi Alliance name (for example Wi-Fi 6), with the new tag you can report the 802.11 physical layer standard (for example 802.11ax) instead.
Fixed issues...

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