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ПО для GPS-навигаторов, cartographic applications

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OkMap – мощное ПО для GPS-навигаторов, незаменимое средство для путешествий на яхте, катания на горном велосипеде, походов, геокэшинга, собирания грибов, охоты, рыбалки и просто путешествий.

Поддерживаемые форматы:
- Изображения: ecw, bmp, gif, jpg, png, tif и другие
- Карты drg: gfw, jgw, pgw, tfw, bpw
- Векторные данные: shp, dbf (Esri shape file); dcw (Digital Chart of World)
- Данные GPS: gpx (GPS Exchange Format); wpt, plt, rte (OziExplorer) и другие
- Данные DEM (digital earth model): hgt (SRTM-1 и SRTM-3)

Основные особенности программы OkMap:
• Калибровка векторных и растровых карт
• Создание собственных цифровых карт
• Отображение одновременно растровых карт и векторных данных
• Импорт цифровых векторных данных
• Цифровые модели местности для отображения возвышений на карте
• Загрузка и сохранение отметок, маршрутов и др. в формате GPX
• Загрузка информации с GPS-устройства
• Навигация в режиме реального времени по протоколу NMEA
• Отображение Google Earth и Google Maps
• Обмен данными с Google Earth и сервером
и многое другое!

OkMap is a suite of cartographic applications (for Windows, iPad, iPhone) for professional activities in the field, outdoor sports, and your enjoyment in the nature (search and rescue, trekking, mountain bike, 4WD, geocaching and much more).
In the suite you can find a navigation system with offline maps and web maps, maps download from map servers, creation of custom maps to use with your GPS, design of trails on a map GPS, navigation with a compass, production of track statistics and track graphs and many others features.

OkMap is an interactive software which allows you to work on your computer screen with web maps or digital maps that you have either bought or scanned. OkMap can also import vectorial data from the most common formats and DEM data relevant to height information.

Through these maps, you can organize your paths by creating waypoints, routes and tracks on your computer monitor, and upload this data to your GPS. OkMap sets automatically altitude data and estimates travel times. Furthermore OkMap serial provides you also with autorouting and geocoding functions.

Data collected by your GPS can be downloaded on your computer, stored and displayed on the maps. They can also be used to create different types of statistics.

By connecting a GPS to your laptop, you can plot your position on maps in real-time. If you are connected to the network you can constantly send your position to a remote computer, or receive the position of your companions on your computer and display the related tracks on maps in real time.

OkMap 13 can also interface Google Maps and Google Earth. With Google Maps you can view maps and data of your interest. With Google Earth you can view your paths and your maps in 3D also.

OkMap crack include a feature to generate automatically compatible Garmin Custom Maps (KMZ format) and maps in OruxMaps format. This feature includes map tiling from and to different image file formats (including ECW map format). It's possible select KML extensions 2.2 (if GPS supports them), the JPEG quality, the image resizing, the KML transparency, the draw order, and so on. You can also select the tiles to generate in output. This feature support not north oriented maps also.

Supported formats OkMap
Images: ECW, BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, TIF and many others
Load maps: GFW, JGW, PGW, TFW, BPW (World file); ECW (Earth Resource Mapping - map with UTM projection are automatically georeferenced); KML/KMZ (Google Earth, Garmin Custom Maps); JNX Birdseye (one level, small maps); GeoTiff; OziExplorer; CompeGps; GPS TrackMaker; RMap; MBTiles; OruxMap; GpsTuner
Save maps: GeoTiff; World file; Garmin custom maps; KML/KMZ; JNX Birdseye; OziExplorer; OruxMaps; TomTom map overlays; GpsTuner
Maps tiling: Garmin custom maps; KML, KMZ, JNX, OruxMaps, TomTom map overlays and OkMap 13 crack
Vectorial data: SHP, DBF (Esri shape file); DCW (Digital Chart of World)
GPS data: GPX; CompeGPS, EasyGPS, Fugawi, Garmin, Geocaching LOC, Google Earth (KML/KMZ), GPS TrackMaker, OpenStreetMap, OziExplorer and many others formats thanks to the software GpsBabel
DEM data: HGT (SRTM-1 and SRTM-3)

Supported GPS devices
Upload/download: all new GPS devices that are handled as a mass storage device + Brauniger IQ series, DeLorme PN20/30/40, Garmin, GlobalSat DG-100/DG-200/BT-335, Holux M-241, Magellan, MiniHomer, MTK Logger, NaviGPS GT-11/BGT-11, SysTraq Venus, Wintec WBT-100/200
NMEA navigation: all GPS devices that support Nmea 0183 protocol
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OkMap 8.8.1

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PRYANIK, 21.08.2018 - 19:34

OkMap Desktop 13.11 + crack (keygen)

Цитата | Quote( OkMap 13 11 )
    Maps: Context menu reorganization.
    Maps: Added "Adjust altitude" and "Adjust time" items to the context menu.
    Tracks list: Added "Adjust altitude" and "Adjust time" items to the context menu.
    Routes list: Added "Adjust altitude" item to the context menu.
    Track graph: Added "Show grid" option.
    Track graph: Add "Show zero line" option.
    Track graph: Accept only odd values in the "Smoothing" field.
    Lists: Added the "Refresh" button with confirmation in case of modified data.
    Lists: Added confirmation request in case of data modified to the "Cancel" function.
    List Waypoints, routes, tracks: Update distances and azimuth after updating coordinates.
    Download data from OpenStreetMap: Fixed a bug in the link.

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PRYANIK, 10.09.2018 - 7:12

OkMap Desktop 13.12.1 + crack (patched exe)

Цитата | Quote( OkMap Desktop 13 12 1 )
    Indexed GPX files list: this function can also be called without an open map.
    Index the maps: fixed a bug about the called function.
    Index the GPX files: fixed a bug in the presence of files without extension.
    Adjust the times of a track: the input time has been changed from minutes to seconds.

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PRYANIK, 18.01.2019 - 7:49

OkMap Desktop 14.1 + crack (cracked)

Цитата | Quote
    In the "Save GPX file" function, you can type the file name and the file description.
    In the Preferences has beed added the value "Delta altitude" is used in the track recording to adjust the altitude values returned by the GPS.
    After installing a new version, the indexing files and recent files are retrieved.
    The functions "Import vectorial data from OpenStreetMap" and "Download waypoints from OpenStreetMap" have been enhanced.
    Fixed a problem opening a GPX file with an extension in uppercase letters.
    Updated "Swiss New Grid" projection.

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PRYANIK, 27.02.2019 - 18:26

OkMap Desktop 14.2 + crack (license patched)

Цитата | Quote( OkMap 14.2 )
    Upgrade OpenLayers to version 5.
    Added additional map servers.
    Added the layers of the Italian cadastre: buildings, parcels, lines of dressing and zoning.
    Improved rendering of web maps.
    Map server list: Added the "Body" section.
    Image rotation: Management of images with color depths: 1, 4 and 16.
    Loading web maps: Formal check of the entered coordinates.

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PRYANIK, 29.10.2019 - 22:36

OkMap 14.8 + crack (key patched)

Цитата | Quote(OkMap New functions)
    New functions related to Project management.
    Preferences: Eliminated the automatic load of photos and toponyms (see Projects).
    Map: New context menu "View the point in Google Maps".
    Box coordinates: New context menu "View the point in Google Maps".
    Pie design: Added the typical attributes of pies.
    Attributes of object drawn on the map: Added a new button to center the window on the screen.
    Map tiling: Extensible right box.
    Map georeferencing: Extensible right box.
    Load/save waypoints, tracks and routes: Eliminated the possibility to load/save partial data.
    FIX: Eliminated the function "Night vision": It interfered with high resolution graphics cards.
    FIX: Save GPX data in other formats: Solved a conversion problem in the presence of "extensions" tags.
    FIX: Error in the Join function of tracks and routes in the absence of the "name" tag.
    FIX: Closing OkMap, the position and zoom of the maps and the grid settings were not saved.
    FIX: File manager: Error opening context menu on a web map.
    FIX: Box coordinates: Error obtaining information when the metric projection were not specified in the preferences.
    FIX: Indexing maps: Optimizing memory usage.

PRYANIK, 27.12.2019 - 11:10

OkMap Desktop 14.9 + crack (patched)

Цитата | Quote(OkMap)
    Update GDAL to version 3.0.2.
    Management of files deleted or renamed by other programs.
    Loading GeoTiff files: Management of GTModelTypeGeoKey tag = 32767 (user defined).
    Loading GeoTiff files: The ProjCoordTransGeoKey tag = 7 is to be interpreted as "Mercator Spherical" and not "Mercator SP1".
    Calculation of map calibration coefficients: the area covered by the 3 georeferencing points has been reduced from 2% to 1% in order to take them into consideration.
    Added 639 new waypoint icons.


PRYANIK, 19.02.2020 - 16:18

OkMap 14.10 + crack (keygen)

Цитата | Quote(OkMap Desktop 14)
    Updated .NET version from 4 to 4.5.
    Photos management: Introduction of the new attributes: link, visible, selected.
    Photos management: Highlighting the photos selected on the maps.
    Photos management: Enabled the functions: select, modify, delete, invisibility.
    Photos list: Fields made editable: Selected, Title, Comment, Author, Keywords, Subject, Link, Visible.
    Photos list: Enabled the delete function.
    Photos list: Photos previews are taken from the album to increase performance.
    Main form and File manager: New menus introduced: File - Save - Photo / All photos, File - Merge - Photo (multi).
    Map: Photo objects: Introduced the context menu Edit.
    Drag & drop of photo and toponyms files.
    Loading photo and toponyms files from the command line.
    New function for converting tracks into routes and vice versa.
    Data - Color all tracks / routes: Insert a form to indicate the objects to be colored.
    Data / Conversion ...: Added in the forms a selector to indicate the files to be converted.
    Preferences - View: Added new indicators for displaying or not the grids in web maps.
    Loading web maps: improved the error message in case of no connection.
    CompeGPS map loading: implemented the projection "Elliptical Mercator".
    Raster map calibration and Tiling maps: Added border to split container.
    FIX: The message "The file has been deleted by another program ..." was displayed in Save waypoints, routes, tracks.
    FIX: Fixed the occasional error "object is used elsewhere".
    FIX: Photos list: Corrected the "Direction of the shot" value according to the unit of measure specified in the Preferences.
    FIX: List of waypoints, tracks, routes, toponyms and photos: The decimals of the altitude value were always truncated.
    FIX: File manager: Corrected the Italian description of the context menu "Save waypoints, tracks, routes" and "Save toponyms".


PRYANIK, 4.03.2020 - 14:12

OkMap 14.11 + crack (serial patched)

New function: "Utilities - GPX - Tracks performance".
New function: "Utilities - Maps - Show project info".
Preferences - Graphs: Added fill color of bars for bar charts.
Track graphs: The selection of the axes is set according to the available data.
Track graphs: Added "Select track point" context menu.
Track statistics: Added "Select track", "Find start track on opened maps" and "Find end track on opened maps" context menu.
Adding points to tracks, routes, multipoints, lines and polygons: the points are added after the selected point and not before.
New functions: "Select by adding" (Ctrl+F2) and "Select with rectangle" (Shift+F2).
Main menu: The "Data" menu has been renamed to "GPX" and reorganized.
Main menu: The "GPX" item has been added to the "Utilities" menu and contains some items previously contained in the "Data" menu.
Toolbar: The default visible buttons have been changed.
Map: The context menu has been reorganized and some important functions have been brought to the main level.
Map: "Deselect all" item has been added to the context menu.
The toolbar is reset to the default values ​​after installation to allow updates to be made visible.
Truduction in Slovenian updated.
Added new symbols.
FIX: Implemented a workaround to circumvent a bug in the StretchDIBits API when viewing large images (>20,000 pixels per side).
FIX: Map image saving: The 32 bit JPEG format (not supported) is converted into 24 bit.
FIX: Loading Maps TrackMaker format (.gmt): fixed an error when there is only one layer.
FIX: The "Track statistics" function is enabled even if there are no tracks in the current GPX file.
FIX: Introduction of the default "Irish grid" projection for backwards compatibility.


PRYANIK, 29.03.2020 - 23:01

OkMap Desktop 14.11.1 + crack (patched)


PRYANIK, 30.03.2020 - 20:30

OkMap Desktop 14.11.2 + crack (patched)


PRYANIK, 7.04.2020 - 14:19

OkMap 14.11.3 + crack (patched)


PRYANIK, 16.04.2020 - 18:53

OkMap Desktop 14.12 + crack (patched)

Loading waypoints, routes, tracks: Added other formats.
Saving waypoints, routes, tracks: Added other formats.
Updated the list of the GPS devices supported in "GPS - Send" and "GPS - Receive" functions.
Map server: Added the possibility to indicate the top-left and bottom-right coordinates.
Home coordinates stored in Preferences - Coordinates.
Home coordinates called up by the context menu of the coordinates box.
Tracks: In the absence of the "course =" information (returned by the GPS), the direction is calculated with the last two points.
Loading world file: Empty lines are ignored.
Added icons in the context menu of coordinates box.


PRYANIK, 23.04.2020 - 16:45

OkMap Desktop 14.12.1 + crack (patched)

Added the "Italy WGS84 UTM32/33/34" projections for backwards compatibility
The areas for the "Italy ED50 UTM32/33/34" projections have been modified
FIX: Loading World file with LF line terminator without CR
FIX: Fixed a bug in the management of the splitters contained in windows anchored in a small space

PRYANIK, 9.05.2020 - 16:02

OkMap 14.12.3 + crack (patched)

Цитата | Quote(OkMap Desktop)
    Save project: Any modified files are saved: maps, gpx, toponyms and photos.
    Main menu: Added "Vector data - Change theme" menu.
    Main menu: Moved the menu "GPX - Convert vectorial to GPX data" in the menu "Vector data".
    Maps: Added context menu: "Find GPX file".
    Maps: Added context menu: "Select all".
    Web maps: Added layers "Italian house numbers" and "Italian toponyms".
    NMEA communication: Implemented the sentences:
        $xxVTG - Track made good and Ground speed.
        $xxZDA - Time & Date - UTC, day, month, year and local time zone.
        $xxHDT - Heading - True.
    FIX: Navigation data: Reduced flickering.
    FIX: GPS track graphs: Fixed an error in the graph display.
    FIX: GPS track graphs: The choice of chart type was lost.
Mirror / Зеркало
Mirror / Зеркало

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PRYANIK, 14.05.2020 - 12:50

OkMap Desktop 14.12.4 + crack (patched)

Map georeferencing: In the coordinate box not all context menus were activated.

PRYANIK, 27.05.2020 - 16:46

OkMap 14.12.5 + crack (patched)

Map server: Added layers: "OpenDem - Marine profile" and "OpenDem - Water depth".
Coordinate box: Added new context menu "Paste found coordinates".
Routing context menu: New menus "From coordinates" and "To coordinates".
FIX: Map server: Fixed civic numbers and toponyms layers as non-customized layers.
FIX: Show GeoTiff tags - Create TFW: Fixed a bug when the TIFF file doesn't contain valid tags.

PRYANIK, 22.06.2020 - 14:48

OkMap 14.12.6 + crack (patched)

Цитата | Quote(OkMap)
    Coordinate box: new menu:
        Set coordinates
        Save waypoint
        Save Toponym
        Find in
        Find in
    Map: Context menu: new menu:
        Save toponym
    Track graphs: new menu:
        Copy coordinates (text format)
        Save toponym
        Find maps
        Find waypoints, routes, tracks
        View point in Google Maps
    Save map in GeoTiff format: added the tags: ModelPixelScaleTag, GeogAngularUnitsGeoKey and ProjLinearUnitsGeoKey.
    Map info: The map scale is divided into two values: scale X and scale Y.
    Load map via GDAL: The possibility of specifying the conversion parameters has been introduced.
    FIX: Utility – Maps - Show Geotiff tags - Create TFW: reporting when the file cannot be created.


PRYANIK, 12.08.2020 - 15:53

OkMap Desktop 14.13 + crack (patched)

GpsBabel: Upgrade to version 1.7.0
Datum: Added fields: IdCSR, CSR, IdArea, Area
Projections: Added WKT nomenclatures for each projection parameter
Units of measure: Updates values and added fields: idUnit (according to the EPSG standard) and type
Units of measure: Added units of measure for angles according to the EPSG standard
The management of angular measurement units has been generalized when loading GeoTiff maps
World files: Save map: The .prj file in WKT1 format is also created
World files: Load / save map: The unit of measurement of the metric coordinates is requested
World files: Load map: The .prj file, if it exists, is used to determine the projection
World files: Batch conversion: Added World file format in input
Preferences - General: Added the check box "I use a GPS with proprietary protocol"
GDAL Info: Added the WKT format option: WKT1 | WKT2 | WKT2_2015 | WKT2_2018
Management of the positioning of the icons (BOT_, RGT_, LFT_)
List of GPS with proprietary protocol: Added the XAiOX iTrackU Logger device
FIX: Coordinates box: In the Save waypoint / toponym functions the coordinate conversion in WGS84 was missing
FIX: Fixed a bug in vector maps with "Swiss Oblique Cylindrical" projection
FIX: Correction of some description in the projection parameters form
FIX: Added the request for the X scale factor for the "Mercator" projection
FIX: The request for the scale factor for the "Swiss Oblique Cylindrical" projection has been eliminated


PRYANIK, 20.08.2020 - 15:24

OkMap 14.13.1 + crack (patched)

Upgrade GDAL to version 1911, 3.1.2.
New GDAL SRS info function.
GDAL info: Layout changed.
Load World file: WKT2 format recognition.
Save World File: Introduced the choice of the WKT format.
GDAL console: Added notification of GDAL version.
Map Server: Added "Freemap Slovakia" server.
FIX: GDAL console: Reporting of some missing libraries.
FIX: Load World file: Improved the recognition of the datum.

PRYANIK, 21.10.2020 - 17:08

OkMap Desktop 14.13.2 + crack (patched)

Save GPX: Added "Universal csv with field structure in first line (*.csv)" format.

PRYANIK, 11.12.2020 - 15:46

OkMap Desktop 15 + crack (patched)

Drawing tracks with colors according to the slope.
Preferences - Tracks: added "Coloring according to the slope" and "Slope % associated with solid color".
New GDAL version 3.2.0.
Fixed a bug in the coordinates box.


PRYANIK, 13.12.2020 - 22:02

OkMap Desktop 15.0.1 + crack (patched)

Fixed a bug in loading some GeoTiff files.

PRYANIK, 25.12.2020 - 15:37

OkMap Desktop 15.1 + crack (patched)

Цитата | Quote

    Load map via GDAL: Unified in Load map.
    Save map via GDAL: Unified in Save map.
    Loading maps: Added map formats: JPEG2000, OZF2, OZFX3, Geospatial PDF.
    Map tiling: Added map formats: JPEG2000, OZF2, OZFX3, Geospatial PDF.
    Drag & drop: Added map formats: EKMZ, JPEG2000, OZF2, OZFX3, Geospatial PDF.
    Load maps from command line: Added map formats: EKMZ, JPEG2000, OZF2, OZFX3, Geospatial PDF.
    Map conversion: Added map formats: World file, JPEG2000, OZF2, OZFX3, Geospatial PDF.
    Map conversion: Added other map formats in writing (ex GDAL).
    Preferences - Maps - Map formats to index: Added map formats: World file, EKMZ, JPEG2000, OZF2, OZFX3, Geospatial PDF.
    Map indexing: Added map formats: World file, EKMZ, JPEG2000, OZF2, OZFX3, Geospatial PDF.
    Indexed map list: Added map formats: World file, EKMZ, JPEG2000, OZF2, OZFX3, Geospatial PDF.
    Tiling maps: Display crossroads "coordinates found".
    Map tiling: New Print map function.
    Lists: Increased the performance during the form loading.
    Projects: Loading recent projects.
    Projects: Deleting the list of recent projects.
    Load recent files: Confirm deletion of files that no longer exist.
    GDAL Parameters: Added Managed raster maps link.
    FIX: Batch converting maps from OruxMap: Could not find maps.

PRYANIK, 1.01.2021 - 13:33

OkMap Desktop 15.1.1 + crack (patched)

Loading maps ozf2 and ozfx3: Integrated in the loading of OziExplorer maps.
Map, map server status bar: Added additional coordinates according to the projection / datum specified in Preferences - Grid.
Map, map server status bar: UTM coordinates, to differentiate them from metric ones, are preceded by "UTM".
Preferences - Grid: Added the format of representation of the third coordinates displayed in the status bar of the map and the map server.
IGM maps with "CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0 IT" license are now available in the Utility - Server - Map Server function.
Gpx file list and map list: Increase the performance in loading the form.
"OSM GPS Traces" Map: Moved to the overlay list.

PRYANIK, 1.01.2021 - 20:27

OkMap Desktop 15.2 + crack (patched)

Map tiling: The function has been included in the map window.
Map tiling: to select / deselect tiles use Ctrl + left mouse button.
Added new map functions in the menu Utilities - Maps: Orient, Crop, Resize, Warp, Merge.
FIX: After an OkMap update, the list of recently opened projects was lost.

PRYANIK, 9.01.2021 - 18:40

OkMap Desktop 15.2.1 + crack (patched)

Photo album creation: If you activate the Update output file option, duplicate photos are updated while non-existent photos are removed.
Save map in oZiExplorer format: Added the management of Mercator Spherical projection.

PRYANIK, 15.01.2021 - 18:21

OkMap Desktop 15.3 + crack (patched)

Distance/area tool: Inverse azimuth added in the info box.
Route creation/modification: Display distance/azimuth box as for the "Distance" tool.
Map Indexing: Default folders and formats from preferences and added "Update index file" option.
Waypoints, tracks and routes indexing: Default folders and formats from preferences and addition of "Update index file" option.
Photo indexing: List of photos not indexed due to lack of georeferencing metadata.
The waypoints, routes, tracks indexing menus have been moved into the GPX menu.
FIX: Photo indexing: Check validity of the output file in case of update.
FIX: Error after selecting a new vector theme while continuing to draw a vector shape.
FIX: Correct identification of the selected track point and route waypoint in case of multiple selection.
C ++ update to version 14.28.29325.2.
Inno Setup update to version 6.1.2.

PRYANIK, 21.01.2021 - 10:08

OkMap Desktop 15.4 + crack (patched)

New map context menu: Generate.
New map context menu: Coordinates - Show compass.
File Manager: Added project management menu and load web map menu.
Distance/area/route box: Added descriptions of values.
New acceleration keys: Alt+F => "File - File Manager" and Alt+B => "Navigate - GPS Communication".
FIX: Space reorganization in the Map tiling function to be able to operate even with low resolution screens.
FIX: Route Display: Route segments are displayed even if all waypoints are off the map.
FIX: Distance/area/route: Wrong representation of the inverse azimuth in radians.
FIX: Use of arrows when distance/area/route box is displayed.
FIX: Increased the precision in the rotation of the map icons.

PRYANIK, 25.01.2021 - 20:32

OkMap 15.4.1 + crack (patched)

Track point and route waypoint info box: Added: distance, azimuth and inverse azimuth from previous point.
Maps: Context menu Generate: Added "Inverse Azimith" indicator.
Maps: Context menu Coordinates - Show compass: Compass in different colors (customizable in Preferences - Maps).
View - Redraw menu: Updates, in addition to the drawing of the map also: Statusbar, Menu, File manager (if they are misaligned).
Added EPSG 4087 projection: "WGS 84 / Plate carree".
FIX: Utilities - GPX - Track statistics / Track performance: Enabled only if there are tracks in at least one loaded file.

PRYANIK, 4.02.2021 - 17:48

OkMap 15.5 + crack (patched)

Цитата | Quote(OkMap 15)
    Calculation of the X and Y scale of the map: Increased the accuracy of the calculation.
    View map information: Added file name, map corners coordinates and map center coordinates.
    Map Merge: Added a field to specify the map to merge.
    Map merge: Added the ability to merge maps via GDAL.
    Select projection/datum, Select datum, Map warping: Added "EPSG" filter.
    Select datum: Added "Area" filter.
    Datum list and Predefined projection list: Changed the wording "Id." with "EPSG".
    FIX: Loading map in GeoTiff format: Priority is given to the presence of the ModelTransformationTag tag.
    FIX: Loading map in ECW format: Incorrect reporting in case of unsupported projections.
    FIX: Save map in GeoTiff format (and consequently in GDAL formats): The ModelTransformation tag is created to manage maps not oriented north.
    FIX: Save map in GeoTiff format: Did not delete the GeoTiff tags contained in the map before writing the new tags.
    FIX: Save map in GeoTiff format: The format appeared twice in the list.
    FIX: Save map in World file format: Create WKT file: Filter maps with custom projection or without EPSG projection code.
    FIX: Map indexing: OruxMap maps with .xml extensions but different from .otrk2.xml are discarded.
    FIX: Map warping: Check that the loaded map has a projection with EPSG code.
    FIX: Map warping: Only the projections with EPSG projection code are proposed in output.
    FIX: File - Load - Map: The message "Loading ..." appears while loading the map.
    FIX: View function - Redraw: the function was also enabled during the map calibration.
    FIX: New map calibration: The size of the panel was insufficient.
Mirror / Зеркало
Mirror / Зеркало

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PRYANIK, 15.02.2021 - 22:42

OkMap Desktop 15.5.1 + crack (patched)

Download DEM data from
Map tiling: If north orientation is required, it is signaled with a warning message that allows you to continue.

PRYANIK, 27.02.2021 - 18:36

OkMap 15.5.2 + crack (patched)

EPSG database update to version 10.015.
Vector, tracks and routes lines: Increased maximum line thickness in pixels to 10.
File Manager: "Select map" context menu deleted.
FIX: Error in the Hotine Oblique Mercator and Oblique Mercator formulas.
FIX: Web maps: Increase performance in the presence of vector data.
FIX: Web maps: Smoother movement.
FIX: Error displaying vector map information.

PRYANIK, 18.04.2021 - 18:41

OkMap Desktop 16 + crack (patched)

New user interface with ribbon.
Update of datum descriptions and projections according to the official EPSG database.
Insertion of new datum with major / minor ellipsoid radius units of measure other than "meters" and revision of the calculations.
Insertion of new datum with meridian different from Greenwich and revision of the calculations.
Insertion of new projections with false east / north units of measure other than "meters" and revision of the calculations.
Datum list: Added EPSG codes, prime meridian and coordinates from Greenwich.
Predefined projections list: Added EPSG codes, conversion description and names used by other software.
New 2.1 .okm format also containing EPSG codes and new units of measurement.
When loading a .okm map in 1.1 format, confirmation of the conversion to the new 2.1 format is requested (strongly recommended).
New 2.1 map index format (the first time OkMap is launched the index file must be recreated).
Map indexing: It is request whether to automatically update the maps in OkMap format from the old format to the new one.
Indexed maps list: Added EPSG codes.

PRYANIK, 24.04.2021 - 15:25

OkMap Desktop 16.0.1 + crack (patched)

File manager: Added list functions of indexed files (maps and GPX).
FIX: The map orientation calculation was wrong if rotation angle <-90 ° or greater than + 90 °.
FIX: Save image: Transparent images management.
FIX: Save Image: 32-bit color depth images were converted to 24-bit.

PRYANIK, 13.05.2021 - 16:49

OkMap Desktop 16.0.2 + crack (patched)

FIX: Save map in OruxMap format: Fixed a problem in case the map used a custom projection.
FIX: Enable / disable Save Map, GPX, Photos, Toponyms menu / quick menu.
FIX: Map grid parameters: International interpretation of the decimal points of the metric grid.
FIX: In some circumstances, at the end of processing, the cursor was not reset to "Default".

PRYANIK, 26.05.2021 - 23:27

OkMap Desktop 16.0.3 + crack (patched)

Update to EPSG database v10.021, 2021-05-13.
Optional subdivision of the metric grid into 10 parts.
Optional subdivision of the geographical grid into 6 parts.
Fixed some errors in the Italian and Slovenian translations.

PRYANIK, 2.07.2021 - 14:06

OkMap Desktop 16.2.0 + crack (patched)

EPSG database update to version 10.027 of 6/17/2021.
New feature: Photos geotagging using a track.
New function: Context menu - Coordinates - Photo geotag.
New feature: Utility - View the tags of a file.
FIX: Map Indexing: Disable all fields when running.

PRYANIK, 11.07.2021 - 17:19

OkMap Desktop 16.2.1 + crack (patched)

EPSG database update to version 10.028 of 7/6/2021.
Proj4 update to version 2.7.4.
Pie attributes: Increased the radius limit from 10 to 100 km.
FIX: Improved the scale calculation for raster and web maps.
FIX: Map merge: The function in some particular cases did not produce correct results.
FIX: Drag & drop of n GPX files: It opened the default web map n times.
FIX: Improvement of some Slovenian translations.

PRYANIK, 8.08.2021 - 16:27

OkMap Desktop 17.0.0 + crack (patched)

Microsoft Framework: Update to version 4.7.2.
OpenLayers: Update to version 6.5.0.
Web server: Server list update.
Load web map: Ability to add one or more local maps in overlay.
File manager: In web maps, any local maps are listed as sub-items.
Save project: In the case of web maps, any local maps are saved.
Load project: In the case of web maps, any local maps are loaded.
Project info: In the case of web maps, any local maps are listed.
Implementation of the dark theme.
FIX: Sorting items in a grid, while inserting a row, resulted in an error.

PRYANIK, 10.08.2021 - 0:09

OkMap Desktop 17.0.1 + crack (patched)

PRYANIK, 21.08.2021 - 21:26

OkMap Desktop 17.1.0 + crack (patched)

PRYANIK, 24.09.2021 - 0:03

OkMap Desktop 17.2.0 + crack (patched)

EPSG database updated to version 10.035.
Line pattern for tracks and routes.
Print map and data grids: Possibility to choose the printer and the relative characteristics of the page.
Photo: The graphic representation of the photos has been revised.
FIX: Selection of objects starting from the one in the foreground.
FIX: Modification of objects: Reset the color of objects to the standard value indicated in preferences.
FIX: Save map in tiled format: If the calibration is not correct, in some cases, the software freezes.
FIX: Map context menu: Color of some submenus in case of dark theme.

PRYANIK, 9.10.2021 - 21:16

OkMap Desktop 17.2.1 + crack (patched)

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