Web Scraper Plus 5.0.17, Мощный пакет для работы с Веб-данными!
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Web Scraper Plus

Твой софтовый форум

Самая мощная платформа для работы с Веб-данными.

"The Most Powerful Web Data Extraction Platform Under $50k... and it's only $419"

In a sentence, Web Scraper Plus+ takes data from the web and puts it into a spreadsheet or database.

Web Scraper Plus+ is a complete web extraction and automation suite. It has a simple wizard-driven interface for common tasks, but has more advanced functionality than all of our competitors combined.

Web Scraper Plus+ components:

Templated Web Data Extraction
Web Spider / Web Crawler
Automated Form Submission
Data Quality Tracking
Workflow Management
Data Cleansing and Transformation
Since 1999, Velocityscape’s Web Scraper Plus+ has been the web automation and web data mining solution for businesses large and small. The web data extraction market had previously been defined by hiring programmers to develop custom applications. The costs to develop, maintain, and update these custom applications are tremendous, but this used to be the only way to get the information you needed. Web Scraper Plus+ changes this.

Download: http://www.velocitysc...craperPlus.exe


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Link is deaded.
Can you share the new link please.
Web_Scraper_Plus_v5.0.17___Keygen.rar ( 23.66kb ) Downloads: 231
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