WinCam 3.3, Видео - скрин, easy-to-use screen recorder for Windows
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NTWind WinCam


описание (rus) WinCam сделает запись всего происходящего на экране вашего компьютера в видео файл. WinCam работает в двух режимах: записи и редактирования. В режиме редактирования можно вставлять звуковые файлы для фоновой музыки или описание действий, по кадрам изменять записанный файл. С помощью программы можно создать запись любимой игры (для этого Вам понадобиться мощный компьютер), или обучающее видео.

description (eng) WinCam is a powerful and extremely easy-to-use screen recorder for Windows. It can deal with a given application, a region or the entire screen – and record everything that goes on in there. With the ability to capture up to 60 frames per second, WinCam makes sure your recording doesn’t miss a tiny thing, while hardware acceleration renders and encodes video in real time and truly effortless.
Designed as simple as possible, WinCam is packed with functions that allow for almost any use: recording video tutorials, saving Skype calls, capturing various media in real time and creating visual content in a hit of a button.
Choose the desired video source and effects, click the Record button and proceed as usual: work in any application, watch video or play games. When you’re done, click WinCam icon or press a hotkey, and the video of your activity is ready for sharing.
Creating a tutorial, you can make your cursor pop by adjusting its size, adding the highlight effect and mouse click animations. Alternatively, when recording a live-stream video, you might want to hide the disturbing cursor at all.

Interface languages: En, Ru
OS: Windows 10/8/7 (32bit-64bit)
скачать бесплатно / free download NTWind WinCam 3.3 + crack (license patched) ~ 10 Mb
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version 3.3

• New language: Bulgarian
• Updated languages: Chinese, German, Portuguese
• 'System' theme renamed to 'Classic', 'Custom Frame' to 'Frame Theme'
• Some other minor improvements and bug fixes

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