Alive MKV Converter, Конвертируем mkv в другие видеоформат
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Alive MKV Converter

Твой софтовый форум

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Программа конвертирует файлы формата mkv в:

* MKV to AVI
* MKV to WMV
* MKV to MPEG-1
* MKV to MPEG-2
* MKV to DivX
* MKV to XviD
* MKV to MP4
* MKV to VOB
* MKV to MOV
* MKV to iPod
* MKV to iPhone
* MKV to PSP
* MKV to Zune
* MKV to 3GP
* MKV to 3G2
* MKV to DVD
* MKV to ASF
* MKV to MP3

Цитата | Quote
Convert MKV files quickly
Alive MKV Converter is the perfect solution for those user who want to convert their favorite MKV files to other popular video and audio formats.
Easy to use
This easy to use tool allows you to convert MKV video files with only a few clicks.
Wide rang settings
You can set parameters of the video and audio, such as video size, bit rate, or frame rate, etc... You can also use the default settings.
Convert in batches
Support converting multiple files at one time, and allow you to load all video files, then click "Convert" button to convert them at one time.
Righ click and convert
It is integrated into Windows Explorer, so you can finish a conversion with only 2 clicks, and without launching any video converter in advance! How to do this? Click here...
Command line supported
The command line feature is also provided for advanced users.
Schedule converting supported
You can load all the videos you want to convert, and then set a schedule to convert them in the midnight.
Drag-drop supported
You are able to drag-drop to load video files, just drag the video files to the icon or main interface, the conversion will be started automatically.

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