Passware Kit Forensic 2022.1, подбор и определения паролей, discovery password
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Passware Kit Forensic

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Passware Password Recovery Kit Forensic - набор инструментов для подбора или определения паролей к файлам (более 300 видов), созданными самыми известными в мире программами: Office, Excel, Word, Windows XP/2000/NT ,Access, Outlook, Outlook Express, Exchange, WinZip PKZip ZIP, WinRAR RAR, VBA Visual Basic modules, Internet Explorer/ EFS - Encrypted File System, FileMaker/ Acrobat, Quicken, QuickBooks, Lotus 1-2-3, Lotus Notes, Lotus, Organizer, Lotus WordPro, Quattro Pro, Backup, Project, MYOB, Peachtree, Paradox, ACT!, Mail, Schedule+, Money, WordPerfect и MS Office 2007, а также определения ключа Windows. В 10-й версии добавилась расшифровка хард дисков, закриптованных BitLocker и VeraCrypt.

Passware Kit Forensic is the complete encrypted electronic evidence discovery solution that reports and decrypts all password-protected items on a computer. The software recognizes 300+ file types and works in batch mode recovering passwords.
Key Features:
- Recovers passwords for 300+ file types and decrypts hard disks New! providing an all-in-one user interface
- Scans computers and network for password-protected files (Encryption Analyzer Professional included)
- Acquires memory images of the seized computers (FireWire Memory Imager included) New!
- Retrieves electronic evidence in a matter of minutes from a Windows Desktop Search Database (Search Index Examiner included)
- Supports Distributed Password Recovery New!
- Runs from a USB thumb drive and recovers passwords without installation on a target PC (Portable Version included)

Features of Passware Kit Enterprise:
- Instantly recovers many password types
- Instantly decrypts MS Word and Excel files up to version 2003 (20 Credits for Decryptum attack included)
- Resets passwords for Local and Domain Windows Administrators instantly
- Recovers encryption keys for hard drives protected with BitLocker in minutes New!
- Decrypts TrueCrypt volumes in minutes New!
- Provides 8 different password recovery attacks (and any combination of them) with an easy-to-use setup wizard and drag & drop attacks editor
- Uses multiple-core CPUs and nVidia GPUs efficiently to speed up the password recovery process by 3,500%
- Uses Tableau TACC hardware accelerators to speed up the password recovery process by up to 25 times
- Provides detailed reports with MD5 hash values
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скачать бесплатно / free download Passware Kit Forensic 2022.1 + crack (license key patched) ~ 367 Mb
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Passware Kit Forensic 2022.1.0 + crack (patched)

Support for Windows 11
Support for macOS Monterey
GPU-accelerated password recovery for Acronis backups
List of passwords supported by the Known Password attack
Instant LUKS2 decryption via memory analysis
Support for LUKS2 AES-CBC plain encryption
Batch mode improvements
New Passware dictionaries
Hardware Benchmark added to Demo version
Shutdown and Reboot options in the Bootable Memory Imager
“About” box allows copying the product key, version, and product name

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