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Listary Pro, удобная поисковая утилита, polished search utility
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Listary Pro


описание (ru) Listary Pro - потрясающая и отточенная поисковая утилита, которая находится где-то между программой запуска и файловым менеджером, но не тем и другим. Listary находится рядом с вашими основными приложениями для управления файлами и упрощает управление их списками и поиск файлов. Действительно что-то особенное, и его стоит скачать.

description (en) Listary Pro – A truly amazing and polished search utility that is somewhere between a launcher and a file manager, both but neither. Listary lives next to your major file management apps and makes managing their lists and finding files a breeze. Really something special and worth your download.

OS: Windows
скачать бесплатно / free download Listary Pro + crack (license key patched) ~ 6 Mb
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version Professional + crack (patched)

New: Added a preview pane to the file search window for easier browsing.
New: Introduced a new tutorial on how to open the file search window and launcher.
New: Added an index troubleshooting tool for fixing issues like missing files.
Improved: Drastically reduced memory usage during the index-building phase, cutting down peak memory use by about 70%, and enhanced overall performance.
Improved: Enhanced the responsiveness of displaying file search results.
Improved: Clicking the tray icon now reopens an already open file search window instead of opening a new one.
Improved: Programs opened with Listary no longer inherit environment variables.
Improved: Refined the UI of the file search window for a better user experience.
Improved: Strengthened the reliability of settings storage.
Fixed: Corrected some cases where high-priority rules were applied incorrectly.
Fixed: Resolved crashes caused by race conditions upon exiting Listary.
Fixed: Addressed various index-related crashes.

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