Red Giant Trapcode Suite 16.0.4, набор плагинов для Adobe After Effects plugins
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Red Giant Trapcode Suite

Твой софтовый форум

это мощный набор из 11 плагинов для Adobe After Effects, предоставляющих широкие возможности для работы с анимацией, моушн-графикой и визуальными эффектами.
Эти инструменты от Red Giant позволяют эффективно работать с подписями, создавать анимированные фона и логотипы, разрабатывать визуальные эффекты и 3D объекты непосредственно в родном интерфейсе After Effects.
Это все виды трехмерных систем частиц, сложные графические элементы движения, эффекты объемного света, органические эффекты 3D частиц и многое другое.

Red Giant Trapcode Suite is a powerful set of 11 plug-ins for Adobe After Effects, providing ample opportunities to work with motion graphics, animation and visual effects.
These tools from Red Giant allow you to work efficiently with captions, create animated backgrounds and logos, develop visual effects and 3D objects directly in the After Effects native interface.

These are all kinds of three-dimensional particle systems, complex graphic elements of motion, effects of volumetric light, organic effects of 3D particles and much more.

Trapcode Suite Composition:
- Trapcode Particular: provides organic 3D particle effects, complex motion graphics and more. Includes updated Effects Builder - a visual particle editor with many presets and previews; more than 180 presets; introduced a new graphics system Graphs; more particles - 30 million particles (up to 20 million in the preview).
- Trapcode Form: includes 3D grids, spheres and objects from particles, provides particle generation with imported OBJ models; animation effects in the form of fire, smoke, sand, wind; dissolving text, logo and other 3D objects; particle animation using sound. Added new particle type: Square.
- Trapcode Tao: a new plugin for animated 3D-geometry for a given trajectory. Provides the creation of animated geometric shapes, ribbons, etc., 3D-geometry based on masks, 3D light and paths; photorealistic textures and reflections; create looping animations; fast rendering of the most complex geometry using GPU acceleration.
- Trapcode Mir: plugin for processing 3D-surfaces, landscapes, structures. Updates in the Trapcode Mir plugin: creating smooth surfaces and abstract shapes; the creation of a grid in the form of a spiral, the deformation of the surface with the help of helical rotations; seamless cyclic backgrounds based on fractals; displaying shaded surfaces as polygons or vertices; the choice between quadrangular or triangular polygons; 3 new texture sampling modes: Nearest, Linear, Solid Face; add secondary meshes on the mir surface; 4 types of fractal distortion: Regular, Multi, SmoothRidge, MultiSmoothRidge.
- Trapcode Shine: a plugin that provides ultra-fast effects of three-dimensional light rays. Added simulation of realistic 3D light; surround lighting text, object or footage; new effects of Fractal Noise to create a "smoky light"; 35 ready-made presets.
- Trapcode Lux: the effect of "visible" light in a semi-transparent environment. The plugin allows you to create three-dimensional point and directional 3D-light, to give drama and realism to 3D-compositions.
- Trapcode 3D Stroke - plugin for organic 3D shapes and lines based on masks. Allows you to create volumetric lines, logos, text based on the contours of the masks. Includes a variety of presets shapes, provides control over the shape, color and other parameters.
- Trapcode Echospace: provides duplication and control of animated layers, automation of complex multi-layer 3D-animation; control of layers without expressions; creating the effect of "falling dominoes" or "house of cards".
- Trapcode Starglow: plugin for creating effects of stylized radiance, glitter and twinkling. Includes 49 presets.
- Trapcode Sound Keys: a plugin to synchronize video with audio. Allows you to visualize any sound and music, analyzes the sound and the generation of key frames to create animation.
- Trapcode Horizon: presents realistic endless backgrounds. Allows you to create backgrounds in 360 degrees, use images or color gradients for the background, provides full control over the movement and field of view of the 3D camera.
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