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Altimeter GPS (Speedometer & Location Tracking) v1.9.5, Altimeter GPS (Speedometer & Location Tracking) v1.9.5
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Altimeter GPS (Speedometer & Location Tracking) v1.9.5
Requirements: Android 4.1+ | File size: 5,7 MB

Get your elevation, climb rate and much more, wherever you are! Your location link is very helpful in sometimes,such like when you are lost and you want ask your friends for a help. For this situation, you just need send your location link to she/he, and your friend can find you and your ways very easily in the building Maps (for map view in a web browser). Features included:
• Imperial and Metric unit settings.
• Altiude calibrate refresh button.
• GPS accuracy indicator.
• GPS distance accuracy indicator.

Track information:
• Time elapsed.
• Distance.
• Average speed.
• Max speed.
• Altitude.

• Speed tracking in mph or km/h based on MPH or KM/H mode.
• Distance tracking in miles or kilometers based on MPH or KM/H mode.
• Time tracking.
• Tracking location on map.
• Ability to turn tracking off/on.
• Longitude, latitude coordinates.

Map integration:
• Satellite maps mode.
• Hybrid maps mode.
• Standard maps mode.
• Tracking location changes trajectory.

• Shows device real-time orientation to magnetic fields.
• Ability to switch between true and magnetic North.
• Location coordinates (longitude, latitude).
• Course

• Start, end points, coordinates link email sending

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