ShowCockpit 4.6.0 Pro, Контроль и интеграция шоу, Show Control and Integration
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ShowCockpit Pro


описание (ru) ShowCockpit является идеальным инструментом для управления и интеграции нескольких элементов шоу в режиме реального времени: аудио, видео и освещение!

description (en) RD/ShowCockpit is the next-generation show integration tool!
By integrating features from the previous applications (MPCTools and GMA2Tools) and extending capabilities with further options, RD/ShowCockpit comes as the perfect tool to control and integrate multiple show elements in real-time: audio, video and lighting!

Plug-in Based
Each driver provides an interface with a specific device or protocol. Check available drivers
Custom Mapping
Check out the Academy for examples, how-to's and tutorials on flexible mapping of controls (faders, buttons, encoders, etc.) to multiple functions.
RD/ShowCockpit is an active project with constant updates with additional drivers and features.
Join the Facebook users group to discuss and share ideas.

Interface languages: En
OS: Windows 10 (64bit)
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