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SmarterMailoffers many of the same features as Microsoft Exchange but has smaller hardware, such as secure email, webmail client, calendars, tasks, and notes — and the ability to share them with others — instant messaging and file sharing. In addition, SmarterMail offers full synchronization of mobile and desktop clients and applications using industry standard technologies such as Exchange ActiveSync, Exchange Web Services, IMAP, POP, and WebDav. Where SmarterMail surpasses Exchange in additional available features such as real-time audio and video instant messaging and team workspaces for true team collaboration. In addition, due to lower hardware requirements and lower maintenance costs, SmarterMail has a significantly lower total cost of ownership than Exchange. Learn More »Scalable licensing options, including a fully functional free version, make SmarterMail ideal for businesses of all sizes, including SMB, enterprise or web hosts and ISPs. Plus, SmarterMail has the tools you need to manage your communications, whether your industry is healthcare, finance, education, technology, or whatever.

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