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unRAID Server Pro 6.11.5


ОС и ваши данные в безопасности, OS performance, VMs

Дата публикации: 31.01.2023 - 05:40
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Цитата | Quote(PRYANIK @ 18.06.2022 - 16:17)
unRAID Server Pro 6.10.3

How to update correctly without losing your data and settings from version 6.9.1 to 10.0.3?
Как правильно обновиться без потери данных и настроек с версии 6.9.1 на 10.0.3?
нет инструкции по обновлению?
Alex Ander
Предполагаю, что надо установить CA Backup / Restore Appdata, сделать резервную копию приложений, загрузится с флешки с обновлённой ОС, развернуть бэкап приложений. Как с дисками быть - не знаю...
Alex Ander
Совершил чудовищную глупость - в файловом менеджере прямо на NAS удалил папку пользователя. Вместе с ней удалились и все папки, к которым пользователь имел доступ. Файловая система BtrFS. Возможно ли восстановить и, если да, то какой программой?
unRAID Server Pro 6.11.1 + crack (patched)

### Improvements
Updated both qemu and libvirt to latest versions:
- Added ppc, riscv32/riscv64, and aarch64 support.
Updated docker to v20.10.18 and improved networking:
- When DHCP is used, wait for IPv4 assignment before proceeding on system startup, this avoids a
possible race-condition at boot time when host access to custom networks is enabled.
- Allow user defined networks to be reconnected at docker service start. Now all defined networks
will be automatically reconnected.
VM Manager improvements:
- Implemented option to use Virtiofs for mapping of Unraid host shares into a VM.
- Added Spice html client for Virtual Machines (experimental).
### Notable Bug fixes
- Fixed issue where opening certain pages, eg, Dashboard, needlessly causes writes to the USB Flash boot device.
- Fixed the issue of docker containers can reach the Internet when the WG tunnel is not autostarted
at system boot up. **Users are advised to regenerate the WG configs.** This can be done, e.g., by
clicking in a field to change a value and then change it back in order to get the Apply button to light
up. Then click Apply.
- Fixed issue where empty popup windows gets displayed with certain browsers and devices.
- Restored "NTLMv1 authenication" for incoming SMB connections.

Many thanks for uploading unRAIDServer-6.11.1 however I'm unclear how to implement fully.

I've been able to generate the three files via Ubuntu for windows VM, which I can copy to a USB stick.

But instructions mentions making a "go" file with following contents. But dont I need to change the GUID to match that of the new USB drive or is this covered in the crack?

# Start the Management Utility
export UNRAID_GUID=090C-1000-0374-720070003924
export UNRAID_NAME=Tower
export UNRAID_DATE=1654646400
/lib64/ld-linux-x86-64.so.2 /boot/config/unraider
/usr/local/sbin/emhttp &

Plus I assume the section "Change before 6.10.x and 6.11.x" only applied if upgrading from a version earlier than 6.10.x or 6.11.x ?
johnnyb, Make without this parameter:

if you are upgrading, you must delete the BTRS.key
Encountered that the Registered GUID is inconsistent with the Flash GUID, I don't know how to change the Registered GUID from there (only 1005-B113- is displayed)

Registered GUID:
Flash GUID:


Solved, replaced a USB Flash Drives, OK
Thanks for this.
Do you absolutely have to compile on ubuntu 18?
Цитата | Quote(Autocader @ 21.10.2022 - 0:50)
Do you absolutely have to compile on ubuntu 18?

I compiled using Ubuntu 20.04 and it works. I needed to install some packages: libudev-dev, autoconf.

FYI new version of Fix Common Problems detects this change in `go`and issues warning about possible rootkits biggrin.gif :
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